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Action Plan for Controversial Issues

My Opinion on pre-planned and purposely created Controversial issues like – Cow, love jihad, Misguidance on political life of Aurangzeb, Attack on Tipu sultan’s charcter etc. Do Not Re-Act immediately in anger or exitment in ignorance. Instead get educated positively and create awareness on same topic. Watch My Video

Universal Messages for Peace

Short Description of Book … “Universal Message of the Universal Religion”    

Clarification of the Book on Media

Summary of Solution , mentioned in Media K masail awr unka hal Download Pdf Here :

بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم

میرا پھلا اردو پوسٹ

Almaktabatul Islamiyah

I have completed one of my dream and ideal project of IT in my life “Al-makatabatul islamiya”, the project was made for “darut turasul islami” its 20 Dvd set project , made for almost 30000 islamic books from which 7000 books (18000 volumes) are in pdf, its 140 GB data.Read the Rest…

For every girl who goes to job or travel alone.

This Message For Every Girl Who Goes To College Or Office Alone. If You Find Any Child Crying On Road Showing His/Her Address And Asking You To Take Him/Her To That Address, Take That Child To Police Station And Please Do Not Take It To That Address. IT IS ARead the Rest…

Madani Qaida

Learn Arabic Via Hindi and English : Download Copy of   Click here to Donate for 10$ Distribution of Madani Qaida , your donation may change someone’s life.  

who in life ?

Time decides whom U meet in life, Ur heart decides whom U want in life, But Ur behavior decides who will stay in Ur life….!

Love and Pain

Pain can only come from pure love.. U feel it only for the person whom you love.. And U will give it only to the person who loves You.