Books Written

  1. Our National Responsibilities (Pocket Booklet, Urdu, English)
  2. Media Ke Masail Aur Unka Hal (Urdu)
  3. Masnoon Amaal WA Azhkar (Urdu) (In Syllabus of Makateeb)
  4. Dawate Deen Galat fehmiyaan Aur Izaaley (Urdu)
  5. Islaahi Risala (Pocket Booklet, Urdu)
  6. Kaleede Quraan (Urdu, translated in 10 Languages) (Contributed)
  7. Madani Qaida, (Hindi, Urdu, English, Arabic) (Contributed)
  8. The Universal message of the Universal religion (English)
  9. Beard (Pocket Booklet, Urdu, English)
  10. Collective Zakath International Issues (Pocket Booklet, Urdu, English)

And Many More Books and Articles

Special Software Developed for 30000 Books named “Almaktabatul Islamiya”

2 Comments  to  Books Written

  1. Tike says:

    Super infmorative writing; keep it up.

  2. Danu says:

    thanks tike …

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