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For every girl who goes to job or travel alone.

This Message For Every Girl Who Goes To College Or Office Alone. If You Find Any Child Crying On Road Showing His/Her Address And Asking You To Take Him/Her To That Address, Take That Child To Police Station And Please Do Not Take It To That Address. IT IS A NEW WAY OF GANGS TO STEAL, RAPE AND KIDNAP GIRLS. Please Ciruculate To All.


Pathan is fasting

Joke : Pathan is fasting after a long time & he is hungry : Pathan calls on radio 98.3 FM Host: what do you want to play Mr. Khan? Pathan: maghrib Azaan please.


Apne Hi Jaal Me Fas Gya BUDDHA!

Pahle Amitabh Bachan Kehte
“Rishte Me To Hum Tmhare Baap Lgte H”

Or Ab Kehte He-
“Buddha Hoga Tera Baap”

*Apne Hi Jaal Me Fas Gya BUDDHA!


woh toh S__d*s gaya hai

Most embarrassing moment:- Wen one of ur sweet female frnds calls u in d morning & ur mother pick up d call & say “woh toh sandas gaya hai” .