Islam Believes in Peace : Danish Lambe

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If u win / loose ?

If you win , you don’t need to explain, if you loose you should not be there to explain : Adolf Hitler

Keep those relations alive 4 life time…!

“Some Reasons make Relationship Precious. But, Only Precious Relationships r made with No Reasons”.. Keep those relations alive 4 life time…!

Happy Independency Day

| =–..__..-=-._. !=–..__..-=-._; !=- -..(*..-=_; !=–..__..-=-._; ! i i Let’s Take Decision To Value Our Nation Won’t Forget Those Sacrifices, Who Gave Us Freedom Now Its Our Turn To Have A Reformation

Media K Masail aur unka Hal

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Globalization and Islam

Globalization and Islam Download urdu Pdf here :

Gustakhe Rasool ki Saza

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Paighaam e ittihad

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Masnoon Amaal WA Azhkar

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Our National Responsibilities

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Dawate Deen Galat fehmiyaan Aur Izaaley

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